Republic, an investment platform that enables anyone to invest in startups, announces the expansion of the company’s Note reward token program and the first five companies selling equities to raise $1 million.

Launched in April of 2019, the Note rewards Republic users for supporting the global startup ecosystem. With the program’s expansion, users now have a multitude of new ways to earn Notes and use them for rewards on and off Republic.

Since the program launched, millions of Republic Notes have been distributed, thousands of users acquired, more than 300,000 users have participated, and five startups have successfully raised $1 million on Republic’s platform. They include:

  1. CHRGR – advertising that powers your brand (New York)
  2. InnaMed – using smart, at-home blood testing tech to enable personalized medicine (Philadelphia)
  3. Mealthy – home cooking made easy (Austin)
  4. Sapient – using machine learning to eliminate energy waste (Philadelphia)
  5. SimpleShowing – the new way to tour and buy a home (Atlanta)

Accessible even to those without a digital wallet, the Republic Note rewards users, investors, and partners for activities taken on Republic. Republic aims to eventually link the Note to its success, allowing holders to have a stake in Republic’s upside potential.

Republic users can now earn credits toward startup investments, exclusive invite-only events, and a seat at the Republic Advisory Board, among several new Note rewards awarded when users reach different Note levels.

This is Republic’s way of incentivizing users to engage startups, contribute to the startup ecosystem, and continue to educate themselves on an asset class that was once open to only select individuals in the investment world.

Republic also released multiple new Note Bounties, which help users earn more Notes and contribute to one’s Note level. Note Bounties encourage users to use their creative skills and contribute to startups fundraising on the Republic platform, as well as spread the word of startup investing and referring friends to Republic.

The new Note Bounties and rewards are effective immediately and are available at for new and existing users.