Wintergreen Research, Inc has released the “Fintech Market Research Subscription 2023” report, which is now available on The subscription provides access to five in-depth market studies, each ranging from 156 to 225 pages, as well as 26 smaller market reports, each 35 pages in length.

Fintech, which involves the use of technology to automate banking and financial services, is experiencing significant growth due to its integration with artificial intelligence (AI). The demand for digital-based payment solutions is increasing, and the expansion of e-commerce and contactless payment options is driving the growth of the fintech industry.

The reports cover various topics within the fintech sector, including AI and Fintech, CBDC, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Cryptocurrency. Additionally, the smaller market reports delve into areas such as AI in the Banking Industry, Financial Services Industry-Specific Cloud, and Cybersecurity.

Furthermore, the reports highlight the development of new services and technologies, the emergence of new vertical markets, and the expansion of technology-enabled e-commerce. Cloud-based capabilities and strategic partnerships are also contributing to the growth of the fintech market.

For investors interested in the fintech sector, these reports provide valuable insights into market trends, driving forces, regional analysis, and leading companies. The reports offer a comprehensive analysis of the market, including market definition, market dynamics, market share, and market forecasts.

Overall, the “Fintech Market Research Subscription 2023” reports provide a detailed overview of the current state of the fintech industry and offer valuable information for tech investors looking to capitalize on the growth opportunities in this sector.