Walker Labs, a Web3 game studio, has announced the launch of Cryptowalkers: Females, one of the first female game-rigged collections for Web3. This collection features 6,545 unique, 3D-animated, full-body, fully-rigged female characters designed for cross-platform exploration in games like Walker World. Walker Labs aims to empower women and promote inclusion and utility in the metaverse. The company’s previous collections have been highly successful, solidifying their position as an innovative developer in the Web3 space. Partners such as Altered State Machine, Sylo, and ATEM Car Club have also contributed to the collection, adding unprecedented quality and utility to the characters. Integration with technologies like Non Fungible Intelligence® and Sylo’s decentralized communications network will enhance the immersive experience in Walker World. Walker Labs is a company founded by industry veterans with experience in AAA game studios. Their goal is to create a market-defining, first-of-its-kind game utilizing Unreal Engine 5. The Cryptowalkers avatars will be integrated into Walker World, and community members will receive exclusive early access. In addition, Walker Labs plans to launch a land sale and a store where players can buy or trade in-game utilities and 3D assets. Walker Labs is backed by Merit Circle and Citizen X.