Fellaz, a Singapore-based Web3 entertainment and lifestyle ecosystem, is set to launch a new membership service that takes full advantage of decentralization technology. Unlike traditional Web2 membership programs, which offer limited benefits, Fellaz plans to introduce an NFT-based membership program that offers a range of unique privileges. By leveraging the innovation of decentralization, Fellaz aims to enhance user experience and engagement with their favorite brands.

One of the key features of the membership is exclusive access to a highly selective community of peers with the same membership status. This enables direct communication between members through a protocol co-owned and developed by the stakeholders. The membership can also be used as a premium admission pass to exclusive in-person events or services offered by companies within the Fellaz Alliance. Through token gating and NFT verification, both online and offline transactions will be seamless and secure for users.

Additionally, designated perks within the membership can be provably redeemed, ensuring that the value of the membership remains liquid and marketable even if a member chooses to sell their status on the open market. While the name of the first product is yet to be revealed, Fellaz plans to mint an exclusive NFT membership in partnership with a world-famous music festival brand in the first quarter of next year. Holders of this NFT will have access to the major global music festival, along with a range of benefits that can be redeemed during the event.

Following the launch of the NFT membership, Fellaz intends to introduce an exclusive membership that represents a social network of high-profile individuals. Bobby Bhatia, the CEO of Fellaz, expressed excitement about their Web3 initiative, stating that it brings together renowned entertainment IP and innovative technology. He sees this as an opportunity for Fellaz to pioneer the connection between in-person events, commercial brands, and users through Web3 technology. Bhatia hopes Fellaz will serve as an inspiration for other Web3 businesses, providing real-world use cases that benefit users.

Fellaz is a multi-chain Web3 entertainment business based in Singapore. They offer real-world value through proprietary technology and global entertainment assets. With a focus on creating exclusive experiences and maximizing user engagement, Fellaz provides NFT-based lifestyle memberships and ticketing services in the entertainment and sports industries. They also co-organize original in-person events and manage a global lifestyle and entertainment membership service. Fellaz aims to become a blueprint and prototype for aspiring Web3 businesses while delivering maximum value to their community members.