Introducing Dream Idols: Fantasia, the first virtual reality idol group in the world of crypto. This group consists of four talented girls named Catherine, Luceo, Betty, and Andal, who will be making their debut in the X World Games metaverse. You can catch a sneak peek of the girls in their newly launched trailer on the DreamIdols.Fans website.

The X World Games, a blockchain gaming company hosted on the Binance blockchain, is behind the creation and development of this exciting venture. Fantasia will be the first generation of the Dream Idols entertainment group, featuring a unique Japanese ACG art style based on the popular NFT hero characters from X World Games’ Dream Card video game series.

One interesting aspect of this project is that behind the scenes, real girls will be responsible for the movements and voices of the Dream Idols. These girls will be professionally trained in singing and dancing, chosen for their talent and personalities. They will perform original songs and choreography in 3D VR environments created specifically for them. Not only will the Dream Idols dazzle their fans with mesmerizing concerts, but they will also have direct interaction with them through backstage interviews, live streams, and social media communities. This will foster a strong and engaged fan community for each Dream Idol.

X World Games has invested in cutting-edge technology to bring the Dream Idols to life. Using techniques like motion capture, virtual reality, and 3D CGI, they aim to create an immersive experience for fans. The VR landscape and Dream Idols themselves will render at 4K and at a rate 500 times faster than a single computer system, thanks to cloud rendering. Fans will be able to access the X World Games metaverse and enjoy the Dream Idols’ concerts through VR gear such as Oculus, Pico, and Vive. The X World Games team is also working on developing mobile device-compatible apps in the future.

According to Edwin Liu, the Co-Founder and CGO of X World Games, Dream Idols represents the company’s commitment to innovation and unique content. The launch of Fantasia marks X World Games’ position as one of the leading GameFi ecosystems, providing incredible fun for the crypto community.

Fantasia will be taking the stage at the Dream Theatre, which will serve as the venue for all the Dream Idol live shows. The theatre will offer changing environments and stage features that fans can interact with using actions. Every fan will have the opportunity to be involved and participate in the concerts, making the experience truly engaging. The Dream Idol community will also have the chance to participate in other events, enjoy live streams with their favorite idols, and build fan clubs with their friends to show support for the Dream Idols.

For those interested, the DreamIdols.Fans website offers the world premiere of the Dream Idols CGI trailer. Fans will also have the opportunity to learn how to get involved and win prizes such as VR gear. With a growing community eagerly awaiting their debut, X World Games is excited to launch the one-of-a-kind crypto VR idol group, Dream Idols, to the world.

Dream Idols: Fantasia is crypto’s first virtual idol group, featuring four themed versions of NFT hero characters from the popular P2E video game, Dream Card. This innovative project incorporates SocialFi fan economics and is developed by X World Games.

About X World Games: Founded in 2018, X World Games aims to build the next-gen decentralized gaming metaverse. They envision a diverse gaming ecosystem that connects traditional gamers with the blockchain world, inviting more game developers into the crypto space. With their gaming innovation, crypto game Dream Card & Hero Card, Metaverse entertainment Dream Idols, NFT Marketplace, and DeFi Pool, X World Games has quickly become the fastest-growing crypto gaming platform, serving over 2 million registered gamers worldwide.