Etana Custody, a regulated industry leader in multi-asset custody and support services, has partnered with CryptoFi, a leading provider of Crypto-as-a-Service (CaaS) solutions. The partnership aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital assets by offering market access and custody solutions for regional banks and credit unions.

Etana Custody’s custody and trade support solutions allow clients to manage global currencies and digital assets securely and efficiently. With the ability to buy and sell directly from custody, risky transfers and inefficient transactions can be eliminated.

CryptoFi’s White-Label Digital Assets Services solution integrates seamlessly with existing bank and credit union software, web, and mobile applications. This integration enables customers to buy and sell cryptocurrency and manage their portfolio directly from their online banking app. By leveraging a network of liquidity providers, exchange rates can be minimized, and seamless treasury management can be promoted.

Brandon Russell, the CEO of Etana Custody, emphasizes the importance of asset safety as institutional adoption of crypto and digital products accelerates. He states that their strategic partnership with CryptoFi provides secure market access to global currency and digital products for traditional banking customers. Russell praises CryptoFi’s innovative platform and seamless user experience as a significant opportunity for growth in the sector.

Kian Sarreshteh, co-founder and CEO of CryptoFi, expresses excitement about partnering with Etana, a forward-thinking custodian that offers tailored solutions for traditional financial institutions. He highlights Etana’s fully disclosed account solution, which allows financial institution customers to manage their digital asset accounts natively via existing web and mobile apps.

Etana Custody is a regulated trust company that offers a comprehensive technology platform for the custody of traditional currencies and digital assets. Their high compliance standards ensure the protection and security of client assets.

CryptoFi is a Crypto-as-a-Service (CaaS) company that builds innovative technology solutions to expand access to digital assets. Their solutions bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital assets and are compliant with regulations. CryptoFi integrates with over 240 cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, enabling users to move digital assets directly to a financial institution’s app. Their frictionless and secure integration allows traditional FinTechs to promote their brand while expanding their offerings to retain and acquire customers.