Etana Custody, a trusted industry leader in regulated multi-asset custody and support, has announced a partnership with BitGo, the leader in institutional custody and prime brokerage, to provide a range of digital asset and NFT custodial services to retail customers. This exciting collaboration will expand the availability of secure, US-regulated, insured custodial solutions for NFTs to millions of retail users.

By opening an account and depositing an NFT with Etana Custody, customers will have access to BitGo wallets as a sub-custodian and technology solution. Currently compatible with the ERC-721, ERC-1155 protocols, and Crypto Punks, this service is rapidly expanding to support other protocols as well.

The CEO of Etana, Brandon Russell, highlighted the significance of this partnership in addressing the growing need for secure custodial solutions in the NFT space. Retail users have been vulnerable to theft and phishing attacks, resulting in the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars. With this partnership, both institutional and retail users will have access to US-regulated custodial solutions for NFTs, providing peace of mind when it comes to protecting digital assets.

BitGo CEO, Mike Belshe, emphasized the importance of institutional infrastructure to safeguard digital assets and their owners in the NFT ecosystem. BitGo has been serving institutional investors since 2013 and has played a crucial role in building out the necessary guardrails for the industry. Now, they aim to offer the same level of protection and security for NFTs.

Retail users can sign up for early access to Etana’s NFT-insured custody service on their website. This partnership between Etana Custody and BitGo is another step towards enhancing the infrastructure and security measures in the NFT space, enabling more users to fully participate in this rapidly growing market.

BitGo is a digital asset company that has been exclusively focused on serving institutional clients since 2013. They provide custody, liquidity, and security solutions for institutional investors and offer trading, lending, and borrowing services through their prime brokerage services. BitGo is also the custodian for WBTC, the leading global stablecoin for Bitcoin.

Etana Custody, on the other hand, offers innovative global custodial and trade support solutions for fiat and digital assets. With their SOC2 certification and partnerships with other industry players, they provide a secure platform for buying, selling, and custodying various assets. This collaboration with BitGo further strengthens the range of solutions Etana offers to its clients.