Engiven, a crypto donation platform, has been selected to receive the crypto.giving domain name by the .GIVING TLD registry. With the launch of crypto.giving, Engiven enables donors to give 95 different cryptocurrencies to most of the 1.8 million charities in the US through the Engiven Foundation.

The crypto.giving site offers an IRS-compliant donation receipt and the required tax documents, including a free crypto appraisal when needed. It provides the fastest way to donate cryptocurrency to a nonprofit. Engiven is a crypto generosity pioneer, creating advanced and secure crypto donation technologies for nonprofits and donation platforms. With the partnership with .GIVING, Engiven aims to provide an elegant way for donors to support their favorite charities and safely donate any amount of crypto.

.GIVING is a TLD that streamlines the fundraising and donating experience for mission-driven organizations and philanthropic-minded individuals. It allows companies and individuals to raise money for social causes and contribute to the causes they connect with the most. Engiven’s partnership with .GIVING will expand their impact in the philanthropic space.

The Engiven Foundation, which is a 501c3 fiscal sponsor, receives crypto donations, exchanges them for USD, and grants the funds directly to the chosen nonprofit. This automated process eliminates the need for nonprofits to have crypto wallets and goes through a lengthy verification process associated with establishing a crypto exchange account.

Engiven is a leading provider of complex giving solutions, specializing in cryptocurrency and stock giving methodologies. They serve public charities, faith-based organizations, universities, financial institutions, and giving platforms. Engiven is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and serves clients in the US and internationally.