Elixir Games, a leading web3 gaming distribution platform, has announced a strategic collaboration with GameStop, one of the world’s largest gaming retailers, to power a distribution platform for web3 games called GameStop Playr. Under this collaboration, Elixir will provide the infrastructure for GameStop Playr, including the functionality for the Web3 game launcher, game hosting, tournament management, game discovery pages, and social capabilities.

The collaboration aims to enhance the discoverability and playability of Web3 games, making them as accessible as traditional games. By creating a platform with an engaging user experience, millions of potential gamers will have the opportunity to explore a new genre of games. Additionally, Elixir’s in-house developed titles will be featured on the GameStop Playr platform.

Carlos Roldan, the Founder & CEO of Elixir Games, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that the Elixir-powered game launcher offers a one-stop solution for gamers to access next-gen games powered by open economies and player-owned experiences.

Elixir Games is a US-incorporated tech company with a distributed team across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Since its establishment in 2018, Elixir Games has been at the forefront of blockchain-related game distribution. Their Elixir distribution platform offers nearly 120 partnered PC games and full web2 and web3 integration, making thousands of games easily accessible to users. Elixir Games also holds the intellectual property rights for two exclusive web3 PC and mobile games, NO WAY BACK and TINIES, which are nearing their beta release.