Hong Kong is set to host the highly anticipated EDGE Global Web3 and AI Investment Summit, positioning itself as a hub for technological breakthroughs. This cross-border gathering will bring together visionary entrepreneurs, investors, scholars, developers, and industry leaders. With the support of key government departments and esteemed organizers, including VertexLabs, AGI Society, Luna PR, and GL Events, the summit has already secured endorsements from influential organizations such as HKBA, SVIEF, and CBAIA.

The EDGE Summit, renowned as a pinnacle event in the realm of AI and Web3, will kick off its inaugural edition in Hong Kong before moving on to Dubai, London, and Silicon Valley. This global platform paves the way for entrepreneurs and investors to exchange ideas, fostering innovation. With over 10,000 live attendees, nearly 100 influential speakers, leading investment institutions, and a multitude of cutting-edge Web3 and AI projects, communities, and media outlets, the Hong Kong summit promises a vibrant and unparalleled experience filled with exciting opportunities.

Participants can look forward to a diverse range of events at the summit, including the Digital Fashion Creative Hackathon, the AIGC and Metaverse Fashion Show, Demo Day for innovative projects, thematic speeches, and the highly anticipated LightCycle Metaverse Night. The latter will feature a dazzling Metaverse fashion show with global icons from music, sports, and art, offering an exclusive chance to engage with vibrant investors, entrepreneurs, and artists. It will be a fusion of creativity and technology like no other.

The EDGE Global AI and Web3 Summit will also host notable personalities and organizations, such as Earl Ian Botham, Robbie Williams, Moshe Schlisser, Manuel Stotz, Jean-Luc Bonnefoy, Ander Tsui, and Dr. Ben Goertzel. These industry leaders and influential figures provide a unique opportunity for attendees to interact and learn from the best.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, the EDGE Summit includes sub-forums where cutting-edge technologies, industry leaders, investment institutions, and regulatory agencies converge. Engaging discussions will shed light on emerging trends, investment opportunities, regulatory policies, and issues related to Web3 technology, fintech, and AI.

As the world’s largest and most influential AI and Web3 investment summit, EDGE Summit collaborates with global investment institutions and innovators to host a prestigious Demo Day event. This platform offers startups and early-stage ventures the opportunity to showcase their projects, attract investment, and gain valuable insights and feedback, propelling them to global success.

The summit’s mission extends beyond business, exploring the potential of DAOs and digital city-states, transparent and democratic models of social governance, and the application of AI and Web3 technologies in smart cities to enhance people’s quality of life. Additionally, discussions delve into the impact of AI on production relationships, labor markets, and social structures, and the need for AI legal frameworks and ethical principles to promote sustainable development and social responsibility.

EDGE Summit aims to curate a global symphony of wisdom and collaboration, uniting thought leaders from diverse backgrounds to navigate the transformative power of artificial intelligence and Web3 technologies. The ultimate goal is to contribute to a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous future society.

With the promise of unveiling immense possibilities and propelling innovation, the EDGE Global AI and Web3 Summit will be a defining milestone, ushering in a new era of progress and collective accomplishment.

EDGE Summit is organized by AGI Society, Vertex Labs, and Luna PR, in collaboration with prominent industry associations such as HKBA, SVIEF, and CBAIA. The event is hosted by GL Events, renowned for its expertise in managing world-class conferences.