Eddie Ibañez and his team at LIFE Group Holdings, Inc. have announced that registration is now open for their new NFT and blockchain-driven travel and entertainment marketplace. This innovative platform allows travelers to showcase their hotel stays, movie tickets, concert passes, and other event bookings using NFTs, which can then be traded on an open marketplace.

LIFE is set to launch with millions of hotel reservations available at discounted prices worldwide, making it the first platform to offer large volumes of hotel bookings for trading on secondary markets. This creates liquidity in bookings, providing both hotels and travelers with more flexibility and an improved booking experience. Users can pay for their bookings using credit or debit cards, as well as cryptocurrencies.

Eddie Ibañez, a scientist at LIFE and former Chief Scientist at Priceline, believes that blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt the travel and entertainment industries. By tokenizing and securely trading travel reservations and event tickets, the platform solves the issue of high cancellation rates for hotels and allows travelers to adjust their plans without losing their bookings.

The announcement from LIFE follows the recent acquisition of blockchain technology from Velocity Ledger by Ibañez and his team. The other co-founders of LIFE include Shawn Sloves, CEO of Velocity Ledger, and David Shuler, co-founder of Y2X, Inc. The team is working with coders in Ukraine to further develop the platform.

The business opportunity for LIFE is immense, with the online travel market currently valued at $433 billion and expected to exceed $2 trillion by 2028. This new platform aims to create tradable assets from bookings that currently lack liquidity, revolutionizing and democratizing the travel industry.

Registration for accounts on the LIFE platform is now open, providing users the opportunity to secure an early Passport NFT. Bookings and trading will commence soon, offering a new and exciting way to navigate the world of travel and entertainment.