Digital Dubai and Animoca Ventures collaborated to host an exclusive investor workshop called “Reports From the Future: Dubai.” The event, held at the Digital Dubai Offices in Dubai Design District, aimed to bring top-tier Web3 talent to Dubai and showcase cutting-edge technologies. It provided a platform for global founders from innovative companies to present on various topics, including Web3 infrastructure, metaverse use cases, blockchain gaming, open finance, and data convergence. The workshop aimed to offer participants insights into the potential of Web3 and metaverse technologies, as well as investment opportunities in the sector.

Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni, Strategic Advisor at Digital Dubai, delivered the keynote address and emphasized the organization’s commitment to digitalizing every aspect of life in Dubai. He highlighted the workshop as a significant step in accelerating the Digital Economy ambitions of Dubai and supporting the Dubai Metaverse Strategy. James Ho, Head of Animoca Ventures, delivered the closing remarks, recognizing the workshop’s role in providing attendees with valuable information and insights on Web3 and the metaverse.

The workshop featured presentations from companies such as LayerZero Labs, SupraOracles,, Brinc,, Amulet Protocol, and Bit.Country. These companies showcased their innovations in Web3 and discussed their contributions to the field. Additionally, representatives from blockchain gaming companies, including Xterio, Planetarium Labs, MetaKing Studios, SIDUS Heroes, Revolving Games, and The Red Village, presented their games and shared exclusive gameplay footage.

This collaboration between Digital Dubai and Animoca Ventures demonstrates the commitment of both organizations to foster innovation and attract investment in the Web3 and metaverse sectors. The workshop provided a unique opportunity for investors to delve deeper into these technologies and explore the potential for future growth and development.