LightningWorks, the digital comic book publisher that combines comics with interactive games and NFTs, announced that its founder, Geoff McCabe, has invested $2.5 million USD in seed funding. McCabe’s goal is to preserve the magic of comic books in the digital age and revolutionize the way stories are told. The company’s first project is the world’s first NFT comic book.

McCabe believes that nostalgia and wonder are not limited to a single generation and that owning a limited-edition work of storytelling art remains just as thrilling today. However, as the world becomes increasingly digitized, collectible comic books risk fading into obscurity. McCabe is determined to prevent that from happening. By digitizing legendary characters and immortalizing comic books as NFTs, LightningWorks ensures their cultural significance and transforms the way stories are experienced.

The digital transformation poses new challenges and possibilities for the comic book industry. While the manga and comic book market is growing at a 16% CAGR with a global market size exceeding $10 billion, fans’ consumption habits are changing. LightningWorks is redefining comics and manga by creating interactive comic book NFTs with connected P2E gaming. Their epic tale, Siege Worlds Zero, merges the classic comic genre with gameplay, allowing readers to solve puzzles, engage in battles, and share adventures in a heroic digital world.

Fans who own a copy of Siege Worlds Zero or the “LightningWorks Portal” can influence the outcome of their favorite stories, mint their own comic creations, and own unique digital collectibles within the comic universe. Each NFT holds intrinsic value and can be traded, sold, or showcased within the LightningWorks ecosystem. McCabe emphasizes that the future of entertainment in Web3 is not just about consumers owning their content but involving them as co-creators in a story universe built together.

LightningWorks also introduces deflationary NFT tokenomics called “Forging,” which allows users to combine comics of different tiers to create new, rarer ones. This system mimics the constantly-reducing supply of paper comics and enhances the collectibility of their digital counterparts. The platform also empowers artists, writers, and creators to monetize their work, connect with their audience, and bring their visions to life using AI technology.

LightningWorks aims to foster a community where creativity flourishes, reshaping the way stories and entertainment are experienced. Developed by Geoff McCabe, Co-Founder of cryptocurrency $DIVI, and Jordan Fiksenbaum, the former head of marketing for Cirque du Soleil, LightningWorks revives the comic book industry and empowers fans to create, play, earn, and own through NFTs and blockchain technology.