, a blockchain gaming platform, has launched its Battle for Crypto card game on the Polygon Mainnet. This innovative game features a trust-based point system, transparent transaction verification, and smart contract-enabled gaming rules. It also offers rewarding game mechanics and gives players access to NFTs with real-world value.

The Battle for Crypto ecosystem within provides a unique betting system for crypto-gaming enthusiasts. Players can choose from different tiers of bets based on their risk appetite, with each tier requiring specific tokens or NFTs. The point system in the game rewards fair play and encourages a culture of trust, ensuring transparency, security, and fairness. Players can win $AMBER tokens directly from their opponents and even exchange their crypto funds for real-world assets.

To win the game, players must either destroy their enemy’s island or grow their own island to 50 HP. With a deck of 99 cards and each turn beginning with five new cards, players must strategically use their cards to outmaneuver their opponents and sabotage their plans.

Joining the ecosystem is straightforward. Players need to have a Metamask wallet, add the Polygon Mainnet to their wallet, and configure it with the required details. They can then acquire MATIC tokens from QuickSwap and get $AMBER tokens before starting to play the game. Minting an NFT Mushroom or COIN is also necessary to participate fully. is an innovative card game that combines NFTs, Battle for Crypto, Staking, Mining, DeFi, and GameFi. It leverages Polygon’s technology to enable players to stake cryptocurrency, battle for $AMBER tokens, and explore DeFi capabilities. The project has partnered with various entities to stay up-to-date with the latest cross-chain tech and networking opportunities.

For more information about and to join the game, interested individuals can visit the project’s website and social media pages.