Decentralized Crypto Financial, Inc. (DeCryptoFi), the first blockchain platform dedicated to making digital assets available in compliance with all SEC and Federal Government laws and regulations, has announced that their Proof-of-Work Compensation Plan (Mining) is now open to any registered user wishing to join the network. This is a significant step for DeCryptoFi, as they continue to broaden their network and accelerate growth.

The launch of the Mining capability comes after DeCryptoFi’s successful release of the first publicly available Know Your Customer (KYC) & Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliant blockchain earlier this year. As the regulatory environment becomes increasingly challenging, DeCryptoFi aims to provide a path towards compliance for projects in the space.

Nicholas Scherling, Founder & CEO of DeCryptoFi, stated that their platform will enable the blockchain community to utilize a full range of decentralized financial service tools to build compliant solutions. With the Mining capability now live, DeCryptoFi is excited to broaden their network across the globe and scale to meet their growth plans.

DeCryptoFi has set aside 50 million shares of stock as compensation over the next one hundred years to ensure the network’s health and robustness. Additionally, the platform has made it easy for anyone with a GPU card to participate in mining, regardless of their computer or blockchain competency. DeCryptoFi’s CTO, Dr. Wesley Kaplow, emphasized the progress made by the company, highlighting recent code releases and the live Mining capability.

In April 2023, DeCryptoFi officially launched as the first stock (DCF) issued on its own blockchain while remaining fully compliant with SEC regulations. Investors can purchase Class A common stock directly on the DeCryptoFi website.