Decent Labs, GSR, BlockTower Capital, Cumberland DRW, OP Crypto, Digital Currency Group, 1kx, and others have joined forces to launch Decent DAO, the world’s first decentralized venture studio. This initiative has been kickstarted with $10 million in funding and is valued at $56 million. As a leading crypto investor, I find this collaboration between prominent players in the crypto industry to be incredibly exciting.

Decent Labs, with its five years of experience in decentralized application development on Ethereum, will serve as an incubator and seeding ecosystem for talented individuals looking to build in the crypto space. What sets Decent DAO apart is its commitment to on-chain work coordination, ensuring that all members are actively engaged in supporting projects from inception to launch. With a focus on equitable access to opportunities in decentralized finance, Decent DAO aims to bring together partners who are fully invested in building a more inclusive crypto ecosystem.

Furthermore, Decent DAO’s core contributors have made a pledge to share their institutional knowledge accumulated over a decade of working in the cryptocurrency industry. This commitment to supporting future visionaries of Web3 is commendable, as it will foster the development of open-source, decentralized systems that harness tokenization as the key economic driver. By embracing the merit-based and democratic nature of DAOs, Decent DAO aims to amplify the voices and contributions of all participants, regardless of their technical expertise or socioeconomic background.

Ari Paul, CIO of BlockTower Capital, expressed his excitement about supporting Decent DAO, highlighting the team’s track record of delivering products for decentralized finance. As an institutional investor, BlockTower Capital sees immense potential in supporting projects that not only generate returns but also create value for the world at large.

What truly sets Decent DAO apart is its mission to offer a path to participation to all individuals, regardless of their technical prowess or socioeconomic realities. By inspiring and empowering those who stand to benefit the most from this technology, Decent DAO aims to drive societal change for the better.

Decent DAO has garnered support from a wide range of partner investors, including GSR, BlockTower Capital, Cumberland DRW, OP Crypto, Digital Currency Group, and others. This collective effort will enable sustained participation from governance members and provide a platform for ethical contribution to projects funded through transparent, on-chain methods.

In conclusion, Decent DAO’s launch signifies a significant milestone in the crypto industry. This decentralized venture studio brings together leading crypto investors and talented innovators to drive the development of the next generation of groundbreaking projects. As an institutional crypto investor, I’m excited to see how Decent DAO will shape the future of decentralized finance and promote inclusivity and transparency within the crypto ecosystem.