DatChat, Inc. (Nasdaq: DATS), a secure messaging, metaverse, and social media company, has announced that its CEO, Darin Myman, will be speaking at the Investor, Bizz, Art & Web3 forum in Bogota, Colombia. This forum, sponsored by the Bogota Chamber of Conference, will bring together international and local investors and business leaders, including attendees from as far as Dubai.

The forum will focus on companies that are developing metaverse and other Web3 technologies in Colombia. DatChat is one of the three featured companies that will present their initiatives to the participants. The event will include breakout sessions where attendees can interact with the management team.

DatChat’s innovative technology allows users to have control and security over their messages. Their messaging app and private social network enable users to determine how long their messages can be viewed, prevent screenshots, and hide encrypted photos in plain sight on camera rolls. The company is also actively exploring blockchain technology and advancing its Social Network+ and Metaverse initiatives.

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