A star is rising in the world of cryptomining. Fog Hashing, a Singaporean company, is making waves in both the consumer and commercial mining markets with its innovative products. At CES 2023, Fog Hashing showcased its latest product, the C2, which builds on the success of its previous model, the C1. The C2 features improved cost-effectiveness, reduced noise levels, enhanced leakage protection, and the option to integrate solar mining or heat recovery technology.

In addition to catering to the consumer market, Fog Hashing is also focused on large-scale commercial mining. Its B6 and B24 tanks are easily expandable for warehouse deployment, while the BC20 and BC40 mega mining containers offer external cooling systems to adapt to different climate environments. However, the most groundbreaking product unveiled by Fog Hashing is the M6-56, the world’s first all-in-one immersion miner. This product addresses the current challenge faced by mining farms in terms of the labor and time required for refitting air-cooling models to immersion cooling. The M6-56 comes with an official immersion mining warranty, allows for remote monitoring and control, and supports dynamic power adjustment and the Demand Response program.

Despite being a relatively young company, Fog Hashing has already established a global presence. Its supply chain management office in China provides low-cost products, while its strategic development office in Silicon Valley equips the company with cutting-edge technology and allows for collaboration with other industry players. For instance, Fog Hashing partnered with iBeLink to develop the world’s first official immersion cooling miner, the iBeLink U series. The company also collaborated with Whatsminer on the M6-56 and made cross-industry contributions in petrochemistry and chip-making.

Looking ahead, Fog Hashing promises to continue innovating and delivering valuable products to its customers. Tech investors should keep an eye on this company as it aims to bring even more innovations to the mining industry in the future. The next significant update from Fog Hashing is anticipated at CES 2024.