Cryptex, an anonymous cryptocurrency exchange, has recently launched Cryptomarket, its own cryptocurrency market. According to the developers, Cryptomarket will provide users with market analytics directly on the exchange platform. This means that users will have access to all the necessary information, such as price changes, capitalization indicators, volatility, and trading volume of over 13,000 cryptocurrencies.

One of the key features of Cryptomarket is the ability to track dynamic changes in the exchange rate of tokens in real-time. This service allows investors and holders of cryptocurrencies to stay up-to-date with the latest data on the state of their assets. Additionally, Cryptomarket offers a range of tools and resources, including a rating of the capitalization of coins, price charts, statistics of exchange rate fluctuations, information about blockchain projects, and an exchange glass of applications on the market.

Cryptomarket also includes a converter from cryptocurrency to fiat, which allows users to quickly convert their tokens within the market. For novice investors, lists of popular cryptocurrencies in the crypto community are provided, and coins experiencing peaks of the uptrend are displayed on the main page of Cryptomarket.

It’s worth noting that Cryptex exchange is well-known in the cryptocurrency market and offers a comprehensive set of trading and analysis tools. These include its own crypto exchange, spot and peer-to-peer trading tools, and a payment gateway for businesses. The exchange also supports the exchange of tokens for cash and provides intermediary services for real estate transactions. Notably, registration only requires an email address, and all data is deleted after three months.

Overall, Cryptomarket from Cryptex is a valuable addition to the cryptocurrency market, providing users with a convenient platform to monitor and analyze cryptocurrencies. With its comprehensive range of tools and resources, it is particularly appealing to both experienced and novice investors.