Crypto Oasis Ventures and Roland Berger have officially launched “The Green Block,” a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to fostering Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) projects in Web3.

The initiative aims to accelerate and promote the use of Web3 and AI technology for the improvement of the environment, social initiatives, and governance-related projects that enhance the quality of life. The Green Block will bring together projects and thought leaders that utilize technology for advancing sustainability-related initiatives.

The launch event took place at BEEAH Group headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and was attended by key figures from both Crypto Oasis Ventures and Roland Berger. Faisal Zaidi, Co-founder of Crypto Oasis Ventures, expressed his excitement about the initiative, stating that it represents a significant milestone in their journey to create a sustainable future through Web3 initiatives in the ESG field.

BEEAH Group, an international holding group dedicated to sustainable solutions for future-ready cities, has become the inaugural patron of The Green Block. Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of BEEAH Group, highlighted the potential of blockchain, AI, and Web3 technologies to revolutionize ESG projects and underscored the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and social progress.

The Green Block’s steering committee, which includes representation from Roland Berger, will play a vital role in determining the initiative’s strategic direction. The committee will make key decisions to shape the long-term plans and immediate goals of The Green Block.

Pierre Samaties, Partner at Roland Berger Middle East, believes that The Green Block has the potential to make a significant impact in supporting sustainability and quality of life. He emphasized the many use cases of Web3 and AI technology that can advance renewable power, boost financial inclusion, and incentivize environmental improvements.

The Green Block will serve as a global think tank and launchpad, facilitating access to resources such as investors, grants, and public funding for projects. It will also provide infrastructure support, regulatory guidance, and produce insightful reports. The initiative aims to create an ecosystem that supports transformative projects and contributes to a sustainable and inclusive future.

About Crypto Oasis Ventures, it is a venture builder with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa region. The company has established the Crypto Oasis Ecosystem, the world’s fastest-growing blockchain ecosystem, which encompasses various stakeholders, including investors, startups, corporates, research institutions, and government entities.

Roland Berger is a management consultancy with a strong international footprint. The company operates in 51 offices worldwide and offers cross-competence teams to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow. They believe in a new sustainable paradigm that takes the entire value cycle into account.