BTSE, a leading digital asset exchange, has announced its plans to apply for virtual asset licenses in Hong Kong. This move comes as Hong Kong prepares to introduce new regulations for crypto trading platforms. The city aims to establish itself as the leading digital assets hub in the region. BTSE, after experiencing significant growth in other markets, aims to bring its product offerings to Hong Kong.

The company intends to expand its team in Hong Kong and hire professionals in legal, compliance, and sales once it obtains the necessary licenses from Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). Hong Kong offers a developed financial system and a business-friendly regulatory environment, making it an ideal destination for companies looking to expand in the region.

By obtaining a license to operate in Hong Kong, BTSE aims to tap into the region’s potential, offer advanced trading and custody services to a broader range of customers, and become a trusted and regulated platform for buying, selling, and storing digital assets.

The CEO and COO of BTSE express their excitement about pursuing the license and the opportunity to expand their presence in Hong Kong. BTSE is a leading digital asset exchange known for its simple and secure trading platform, trusted by institutions, retail users, and first-time traders. The company has developed innovative trading technologies and licenses its technology to exchanges worldwide.