CoolWallet x HIROMITA is an exciting collaboration that combines art, culture, finance, and technology. Melek Anqi, a Taiwanese Turkish artist, has created a collection of NFTs featuring her beloved HIROMITA character. This whimsical cat represents love and wealth, and each NFT in the collection portrays a different theme, such as passion, clarity, or joy.

CoolWallet users have the opportunity to win, trade, or gift these unique HIROMITA NFT artworks. Not only do these NFTs serve as a reminder of the theme they represent, but they also unlock exclusive benefits for CoolWallet users.

The collaboration between CoolWallet and Melek Anqi demonstrates the trend of using Web3 technologies to build communities and establish brand loyalty. NFTs provide a profound way for brands to connect people through shared interests and stories. By creating communities where people can engage, trade, and communicate, brands can foster deeper connections and loyalty.

In addition to owning a piece of original art, HIROMITA NFT holders can join CoolWallet’s private Discord, gaining access to exclusive benefits and events. This ecosystem allows for a variety of interactions and experiences that contribute to the brand’s vision of mass adoption of crypto assets.

Overall, CoolWallet x HIROMITA by Melek Anqi is a unique collaboration that bridges the worlds of art, culture, finance, and technology. This collection offers a new way for artists to reach a wider audience and for brands to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

To stay up to date with the release of the collection and be part of the exclusive HIROMITA digital product owners’ community, follow CoolWallet on social media. They will also be running fun challenges for community members to win their own CoolWallet NFT from the collection.

About Melek Anqi:
Melek Anqi Kocasinan is a Taiwanese Turkish contemporary artist known for her vibrant mixed media, textile, and digital artwork. Inspired by Asian culture and her personal mythology, her compelling visual stories have been showcased in exhibitions and featured in various publications.

About CoolBitX & CoolWallet:
CoolBitX is a blockchain security company that develops secure digital asset hardware wallets and infrastructure. CoolWallet is their award-winning product, allowing users to securely store and manage their crypto assets. The collaboration with Melek Anqi and the release of the CoolWallet x HIROMITA collection showcases CoolWallet’s commitment to promoting the mass adoption of crypto assets and exploring new ways to connect people with digital assets.