Connect Financial, a cryptocurrency financial Fintech platform, has announced the launch of its crypto-backed credit cards. With over 320 million people using cryptocurrency globally and an expected adoption growth rate of 10% by 2030 for Bitcoin alone, the acceptance of cryptocurrency is on the rise. The financial industry is experiencing transformative innovations driven by cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Connect Financial aims to bring inclusion and innovation to the global financial ecosystem for crypto users. Its crypto-backed credit cards allow customers to leverage the spending power of their digital assets without selling them. This means that crypto becomes a part of their everyday lives and purchases, making it more tangible and usable.

The credit cards come with a range of benefits and rewards for Connect Financial cardholders. Customers can enjoy rewards from everyday purchases at over 30 million merchants across 210 countries. The company believes that crypto users have been underserved in terms of rewards and aims to bridge this gap with its elite card partner.

Connect Financial has built its platform with customers at its core. It not only offers a product line but also provides a user experience that exceeds expectations in financial services interaction. The platform offers flexibility, customization, and control of financial management in a frictionless manner. Whether customers want to maximize their digital assets or obtain the necessary credit for their financial needs, Connect Financial’s interface is designed to put customers in control of their financial goals.

The company prioritizes security and ensures robust industry-leading security protocols and multi-layered authentication for online financial transactions and holdings.

Connect Financial has also launched an exclusive pre-launch waitlist for its crypto-backed credit cards. Customers can sign up to be one of the first to obtain this reward-driven, revolutionary credit card.