CoinFlip, a leading crypto company, is launching a new platform called ‘Olliv’ that aims to make cryptocurrency a simple part of everyday life. Olliv is designed to be a safe, inclusive, self-custody-powered crypto platform that provides financial services in the digital economy accessible to everyone.

One of the key features of Olliv is its focus on education, simplicity, and ease of use. The platform aims to offer guidance and insights that make it easier for users to achieve financial freedom. Olliv’s user-friendly software enables individuals to participate in the digital economy in a way that is safe, supported, and in control.

CEO and co-founder of CoinFlip, Ben Weiss, emphasizes the goal of demystifying cryptocurrency and creating an inviting community for everyone. The self-custodial model of Olliv, which has been a key value for CoinFlip since its inception, aims to pave the path for a significant shift in the industry and welcome the next generation of crypto investors.

Olliv offers an intuitive interface for secure transactions and state-of-the-art encryption. The platform also provides CoinFlip’s award-winning 24/7 live customer service and offers educational resources through user-friendly content. Olliv is committed to transparency, ensuring users have visibility to all applicable fees, which are among the lowest in the industry.

The vision for Olliv goes beyond just cryptocurrency. The platform aims to empower people to utilize their holdings for everyday purchases and gain access to assets such as precious metals, real estate, and energy without the need for frustrating third-party intermediaries.

CoinFlip’s exceptional growth and dedication to industry compliance and transparency have been recognized by Crain’s Chicago Business and Inc. 5000. The launch of Olliv solidifies CoinFlip’s position as a leader in the financial revolution fueled by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Olliv is now available in the United States and Puerto Rico, with plans to expand in accordance with local regulations.