Today, CoinDesk, the most influential platform for digital asset news, events, data, and indices, published the first-ever Consensus @ Consensus Report. This report is based on intimate group discussions that took place at Consensus 2023, the largest annual gathering of the global crypto community. The report covers a wide range of pressing issues challenging the digital assets industry, including regulation, privacy, self-custody, governing DAOs, and the future of crypto media.

The discussions at Consensus 2023 were influenced by the failure of Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX exchange and the bubble excesses it represented. The consensus among participants was that the crypto community needs to communicate the benefits of their projects to everyday users to mitigate the tightening of regulations.

According to Marc Hochstein, CoinDesk’s executive editor for Consensus, the report emphasizes the importance of clearly explaining the purpose of the crypto movement to the wider world. This is necessary to counter the negative perception caused by events like the FTX scandal.

CoinDesk plans to make these discussions a recurring feature at the annual Consensus event, solidifying its status as the premier gathering for the crypto and blockchain community. By encouraging open and constructive dialogue among stakeholders, CoinDesk aims to foster a collective effort to address the challenges facing the industry.

The full report is available for download on, and a commemorative non-fungible token (NFT) has been created to represent the report on-chain. CoinDesk believes that by facilitating these conversations and providing valuable insights, it can contribute to the growth and development of the crypto economy.

Consensus, which has been the iconic crypto and blockchain event since 2015, brings together various stakeholders to discuss the future of the industry. CoinDesk, a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, is committed to providing trusted news, analysis, and data to the global crypto community.