Cloudwall, the leading provider of digital asset risk management tools, and Wavebridge, a top-tier institutional digital asset company, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on identifying new business opportunities in the digital asset risk management space. The two companies aim to integrate their products and solutions to enhance risk management tools for the digital assets industry.

Wavebridge is particularly interested in integrating Cloudwall’s ‘Serenity digital asset risk platform’ into its forthcoming institutional-grade digital asset solution ‘Dolfin’. This partnership reflects the commitment of both companies to expand their capabilities and enhance risk management tools for the rapidly growing digital assets industry.

Kyle Downey, CEO of Cloudwall, expressed his delight at Wavebridge’s recognition of the importance of digital asset risk management. He emphasized that access to sophisticated risk models and tools is crucial for asset managers in the crypto space, and Cloudwall is fully devoted to building world-class models and tools for the industry globally.

Jongwook Oh, CEO of Wavebridge, highlighted the significance of assessing investment risk in the highly volatile crypto market. He emphasized the need to understand the correlation between market risk factors and further enhance risk management practices for potential investors.

Cloudwall, founded in 2021, is a digital asset risk specialist that provides institutional investors with insights into their portfolios to help guard against risks and capture opportunities. The company’s Serenity platform offers an institutional-grade risk platform with a suite of risk models tailored for digital assets.

Wavebridge, established in November 2018, is an institutional digital asset company with expertise in both traditional and crypto finance. The company aims to bridge the gap between digital and traditional finance, offering untapped investment opportunities in the digital asset market.

This collaboration between Cloudwall and Wavebridge holds great potential for the digital asset risk management space and is an exciting development for tech investors looking to tap into the growing digital assets industry.