Woodworking and carpentry students from Chicago’s Simeon Career Academy have ended their school year by making wooden Bluetooth speakers donated by Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. Rockler, a family-owned woodworking tools and supplies retailer, donated the speaker kits, along with tools and equipment, to support Simeon Academy’s carpentry program and encourage students to pursue careers or hobbies in carpentry and woodworking. The year-end project was led by instructor Isiah Rowsey, who expressed excitement about the students’ improved woodworking skills and the opportunity for them to showcase what they have learned. Rockler also provided high-quality walnut and maple wood for the speakers, as well as dowels, doweling jigs, and drill bits needed for assembly. One of the students, Jalen Brown, expressed their enthusiasm for pursuing woodworking and carpentry and improving their skills through their classes at Simeon.