Chainstack, the leading suite of services connecting developers with Web3 infrastructure, has announced the launch of their Global Elastic Nodes. This new solution aims to provide developers with unprecedented performance, reliability, and flexibility for building on Web3.

Global Elastic Nodes are a load-balancing solution that route API requests to the nearest location, ensuring maximum responsiveness and achieving high availability for the service. By switching between nodes or geographical locations under stress or lag, developers can deliver seamless user experiences without disruptions. This results in improved overall performance, decreased disconnection rates, and reduced latency for users regardless of their location.

One example of the benefits of Global Elastic Nodes is in trading platforms. If a trader is based in Oregon but connected to a trading platform with a node located in New York, there might be a delay in executing trades due to latency. However, with Global Elastic Nodes, developers can ensure instant trading by routing the connection to the nearest location in Oregon or the closest area, eliminating any potential lag.

The launch of Global Elastic Nodes will initially support Ethereum, with other protocols gradually rolling out afterward. Developers now have the freedom to choose between the Regional service, which allows deploying nodes per region, or the Global service, which automatically switches between nodes or geographical locations for worldwide or multi-regional operations. They can also access a wide range of cloud providers and locations.

To accompany the launch of Global Elastic Nodes, Chainstack is introducing optimized pricing with Request Units (RU) in its billing structure. This simplified pricing approach offers a cost-effective solution by billing based on Request Units rather than individual requests, ensuring guaranteed transparency and predictable billing. This all-inclusive quota covers various services, and it allows developers to make informed decisions about their usage.

Chainstack is a trusted platform that offers fast, reliable, and easy-to-use infrastructure solutions for developers globally. With over 80,000 developers in its fast-growing community, Chainstack has established partnerships with prominent projects such as Polygon, 1inch, TheGraph, Chainlink, and Trust Wallet.

Overall, the launch of Global Elastic Nodes and the optimized pricing underscore Chainstack’s commitment to empowering developers and providing them with the necessary tools to unlock the full potential of Web3 applications.