Centric Foundation has announced the appointment of Mark Sorenson as its new Chief Executive Officer, starting on August 1. Joel Clelland, the current CEO, will step down on July 29 but will continue to provide advisory support during the transition period in August.

Under Clelland’s leadership, Centric Foundation achieved significant milestones, including migrating to the Binance Smart Chain and establishing new partnerships. Sorenson, who has over 25 years of experience in investment banking and financial markets, will lead Centric through its next phase of development and drive global adoption of the cryptocurrency.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Sorenson has worked in various finance sectors and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Auckland. His impressive track record includes managing a crypto portfolio with over 500% returns in 2020 and 100% returns in 2021. Sorenson expressed enthusiasm about his new role and his goal to drive Centric’s adoption as a global currency.

The Chief Operating Officer of Centric, Tommy Butcher, thanked Joel Clelland for his dedication and service and wished him the best. To stay updated on Centric’s latest developments, readers can follow Centric on Twitter and join the announcement channel on Telegram. Centric aims to replace traditional fiat currencies by focusing on price stability and leveraging blockchain technology.