Casa, a well-known private key management firm, has expanded its flagship self-custodial product to include support for Ethereum (ETH), making it the first multi-key solution to support both Bitcoin (BTC) and ETH.

This move comes at a crucial time for digital asset custody, following bank failures and industry collapses in the crypto space. By enabling secure self-custody of both BTC and ETH with multiple keys, Casa offers enhanced security over traditional hardware wallets, browser extensions, third-party custodians, or exchanges.

In the past, many ETH holders have resorted to using their own complex personal wallets or relying on third-party custodians, many of which have experienced catastrophic hacks. Casa aims to address these concerns by providing a secure and seamless self-custody solution, ensuring that users’ digital assets are not susceptible to theft or mismanagement by exchanges. Casa’s vaults require multiple device signatures before transactions can be sent, employing a security protocol known as multisig. This setup safeguards funds even if a key is lost or compromised by an attacker.

Casa’s expansion into ETH vaults marks the company’s first step towards a more comprehensive self-custody offering. Previously, Casa’s vaults were only available for Bitcoin. The addition of Ethereum support comes as a response to market demand, with an increasing number of investors looking to diversify their holdings beyond Bitcoin.

Casa offers additional resources and services to support its members as they take self-custody, including guided key replacement, personalized onboarding, and emergency assistance. With the ability to protect digital assets using private keys, Casa provides peace of mind to investors and also offers a recovery service where Casa can hold a backup key on behalf of its members.

Looking ahead, Casa is actively gathering feedback from its members on adding support for other Ethereum-related assets, such as NFTs, stablecoins, and ERC-20 tokens, in order to further enhance the self-custody experience. The company has also refreshed its app with a new look and feel, improving the overall user experience. Additionally, Casa offers various membership plans, ranging from three-key to five-key vaults, and even a Private Client experience for investors and families with substantial holdings, which includes digital inheritance planning for comprehensive asset protection.

Casa’s mission is to empower individuals to own, secure, and manage their Bitcoin and Ethereum by providing them with the tools and resources they need to safely store their private keys.