CarbonKerma, a Virginia-based carbon credit trading platform owned by DigiKerma, has unveiled a new blockchain-based marketplace for carbon credits derived from Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) technology. The platform aims to bring accountability, measurability, and transparency to the carbon offset market.

The marketplace provides a platform for carbon capturers to sell carbon credits to companies and consumers looking to offset their carbon footprints. Utilizing the immutability features of blockchain technology, the platform ensures the integrity and traceability of the carbon credits. Each tonne of CO2 is represented as a digital token on a one-to-one basis.

Founder and CEO Irfan K. Ali stated that CarbonKerma offers a unique form of digitized CO2 that can be purchased in any quantity while being traceable, measurable, and removed from the atmosphere under strict regulations. To mark the platform’s launch, Ali made the first purchase and subsequent burn of carbon credits to offset his return flight from Washington D.C. to San Diego.

CarbonKerma’s marketplace focuses exclusively on credits derived from CO2 sequestered or utilized using CCUS technology. CCUS is implemented at hard-to-abate stationary emission sources such as power plants, fertilizer, chemical, cement, and steel-making facilities to capture carbon before it is released into the atmosphere. The captured CO2 is then permanently stored underground or used for various applications. CCUS is seen as a key solution for meeting Paris Climate Accord targets.

By recording all transactions on a distributed ledger, CarbonKerma’s marketplace ensures that all carbon credits traded and retired are measured, verified, and regulated in a transparent manner. The platform offers a simple and convenient way for net emitters to support innovative carbon reduction technologies.

Overall, CarbonKerma’s new marketplace for CCUS-derived carbon credits provides institutional crypto investors with a unique opportunity to participate in the carbon offset market while supporting sustainable and environmentally-friendly initiatives.