Web Summit has announced Brittany Kaiser, former Business Development Head of Cambridge Analytica and star of the Netflix series ‘The Great Hack’ as a speaker at this year’s event.

Kaiser is set to address data weaponization and privacy to over 70,000 attendees in Lisbon from November 4-7. As someone who witnessed how data could be weaponized first-hand to influence and manipulate people, she will be speaking on the Deep Tech track about what could be done to combat such dangers to democracy.

Kaiser will also be on the conference’s Future Societies panel with a fellow academic, David Chaum from Elixxir, to discuss the impact of tech on privacy and the possible solutions to the privacy problem from their own perspectives.

Web Summit will be welcoming other privacy and security activists this year such as Edward Snowden, whistleblower and President of the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Alongside Snowden, other speakers recently announced for this year’s event include the former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair; son of Will Smith and founder of JUST Water, Jaden Smith; Guo Ping, Rotating Chairman of Huawei; and football legend, Eric Cantona.