Bullet Blockchain, an emerging software development and SaaS company specializing in blockchain technologies and Web 3.0, has announced the appointment of TraDigital IR as its strategic digital communications and investor relations advisor. This partnership will allow Bullet Blockchain to enhance its financial communications, digital marketing, and investor relations programs.

With a focus on transforming its business, Bullet Blockchain believes that TraDigital’s expertise in capital markets and digital communication strategies will help communicate corporate, financial, and investor developments to current and prospective shareholders. The company is excited to broaden its corporate communications initiatives and strengthen its operations.

Bullet Blockchain recently acquired an intellectual property portfolio consisting of Bitcoin ATM Patents through its subsidiary, First Bitcoin Capital, LLC. The company sees a promising opportunity in utilizing and licensing its IP Portfolio, allowing it to enter into licensing agreements and develop new services within the Bitcoin ATM industry.

With increasing demand, evolving regulations, and the risks associated with using exchanges for transactions, Bitcoin ATMs are expected to become more accessible to users, supporting a wider range of cryptocurrencies while complying with regulatory requirements. Integration with traditional banking systems and adoption of innovative technologies will contribute to the growth and acceptance of Bitcoin ATMs among a broader audience.

Commenting on the partnership, Adam Holdsworth, Managing Director of TraDigital IR, expresses excitement about collaborating with Bullet Blockchain’s management to enhance the company’s corporate communications and investor relations initiatives. TraDigital aims to provide comprehensive support and leverage its experience and expertise to achieve the best outcomes for the company.

Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Bullet Blockchain, ticker symbol (BULT), is a publicly traded diversified software development and SaaS company. The company is committed to driving innovation in digital and blockchain-related platforms through digital technology and decentralized blockchain solutions. Management is dedicated to rapid growth and increasing shareholder value.

As a publicly traded company, Bullet Blockchain announces material events and financial information through its website, social media channels, OTC Markets disclosures, press releases, conference calls, and webcasts. Shareholders, potential investors, and others interested in Bullet Blockchain are encouraged to review the information posted on the company’s official channels.

In conclusion, Bullet Blockchain’s partnership with TraDigital IR marks a significant step towards enhancing its digital communications and investor relations efforts. With a focus on blockchain technologies and Bitcoin ATM Patents, the company is positioning itself to capitalize on the growing demand for cryptocurrency-related services and bridge the gap between traditional finance and the digital asset economy.