BOMB Money, a leading blockchain company, has exciting news for investors. They have announced a bonus offer to celebrate the upcoming launch of their new blockchain, BOMB Chain, on January 9, 2023.

BOMB Chain is a custom-built blockchain powered by Ankr. The native token of BOMB Chain, called BOMB, is pegged to Bitcoin, making it the first of its kind. To reward investors, BOMB Money is offering a special bonus for those who lock their BOMB tokens for 90 days. They will receive 2.5 times the number of tokens, which can be redeemed on BOMB Chain. This offer is equivalent to a 600% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and aims to bootstrap the blockchain.

The BOMB token will be used as the native currency on BOMB Chain, which will support the company’s mobile app and staking protocols. With the pegged ratio of 10,000:1, investors can take advantage of the 2.5x bonus offer by locking just 4,000 BOMB tokens and receive 10,000 BOMB tokens after 90 days. This is equivalent to owning 1 Bitcoin with the BOMB token.

It’s important to note that the BOMB Bonus Locking Offer is only available until December 7, and only the first 1,000,000 locked BOMB tokens are eligible for this offer. Investors can find out more information about the bonus offer on the BOMB Money website.

As a tech investor, it’s exciting to see companies like BOMB Money pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. With their mission to become the safest and largest crypto-staking platform by 2025, they are positioning themselves as a key player in the industry. The launch of BOMB Chain and the bonus offer for investors demonstrate their commitment to innovation and driving mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Investors should always conduct their own research and exercise responsible investing practices when considering any cryptocurrency investment. To learn more about BOMB Money and their initiatives, visit their website or follow them on Twitter.