The cryptocurrency market has faced challenges in recent years, but daily trading volumes continue to be strong. Spot trading and derivative trading are the two main categories in this market, with derivative trading accounting for a larger share of the daily trading volume. MEKE, a decentralized on-chain perpetual protocol platform developed by a US technology team, is set to enter the cryptocurrency derivative market and has the potential to generate significant profits.

Centralized contract exchanges currently dominate the cryptocurrency derivative trading market, but they come with downsides such as lack of transparency and manipulative practices. MEKE aims to address these issues by offering a decentralized platform that is secure, transparent, and user-friendly. The platform is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and utilizes optimized algorithms for faster transaction speed.

In terms of user experience, MEKE has designed its trading pages and processes to be comparable to those of centralized exchanges. It uses the classic order book model and presents K-line data and depth map data with the same level of refinement as centralized exchanges. This means that users familiar with centralized contract trading can easily transition to MEKE.

Security is another crucial aspect for MEKE. Users can trade using their wallet addresses, eliminating the need for registration. Each deposit and withdrawal is managed through the user’s personal wallet address, ensuring the security of their assets. Additionally, the entire contract system has undergone a security audit by CertiK, a globally recognized auditing company.

MEKE’s guided price of traded assets is also stable, thanks to its use of a weighted average algorithm that combines Chainlink oracle price feed and real-time transaction prices.

While centralized contract exchanges currently dominate the market, decentralized contract trading only makes up about 2% of the market. This represents a significant untapped market that MEKE aims to explore. By combining the advantages of transparency and traceability from decentralized exchanges with the user experience and accessibility of centralized exchanges, MEKE has a strong competitive advantage.

After years of refinement, MEKE is ready to launch with a public beta test. The test will run on the Binance Chain and users can participate by deploying Metamask or using mainstream wallets on their mobile phones. MEKE has created a community for users to ask questions and communicate with each other during the test, and generous airdrops will be rewarded to participants.

Overall, MEKE is well-prepared to enter the cryptocurrency derivative market, which has a daily trading volume of hundreds of billions of dollars. Its secure, transparent, and user-friendly platform has the potential to attract traders looking for a better trading experience in the world of cryptocurrency derivatives.