Leading Bitcoin infrastructure company Blockstream recently held its first-ever online media briefing, showcasing its latest innovation breakthroughs in the Bitcoin development space. The event provided journalists with an exclusive opportunity to engage with Blockstream’s senior leadership team and gain insight into the company’s recent achievements.

During the briefing, Blockstream CEO Dr. Adam Back unveiled the upcoming “Cyberhornet” Bitcoin miner and introduced Greenlight, highlighting the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of Bitcoin innovation. The event also featured updates on Blockstream’s work with Layer-2 solutions like the Lightning and Liquid networks, as well as its mining operations and self-custody solutions.

The briefing included a Q&A session where Dr. Adam Back addressed various topics, including self-custody best practices and the implications of the SEC’s regulatory crackdown on unregistered securities. Blockstream CFO Erik Svenson provided an introduction to the company and its history, along with an update on its mining efforts.

One of the highlights of the briefing was the reveal of Blockstream’s new Bitcoin miner, the “Cyberhornet.” Scheduled for launch in Q3 2024, this miner represents the company’s entry into the world of Bitcoin mining hardware. It was also announced that Blockstream would be integrating its popular software wallet application, Blockstream Green, with Greenlight, reinforcing its dedication to non-custodial solutions.

Additionally, Blockstream highlighted the growth and adoption of the Liquid Network, its Bitcoin sidechain designed for financial applications. Transaction volumes on the network have surged, reaching an all-time high.

Blockstream plans to hold another media briefing in the future, where more exciting announcements are expected. As a tech investor, I find Blockstream’s dedication to Bitcoin innovation and its commitment to non-custodial solutions very promising for the future of the ecosystem.