BlockSpan, a Web3 innovator founded by enterprise data platform architects, has successfully raised $1.4 million in a pre-seed round. The company aims to simplify the development of Web3 applications for software companies and builders. Navigating the complexities and costs associated with building dynamic Web3 applications that integrate with blockchain technology can be challenging.

BlockSpan’s NFT API platform plays a crucial role in empowering developers by providing instant access to current and historical NFT data, cached images and media, highly accurate token data, and more. Additionally, BlockSpan utilizes in-house models to enhance blockchain data with spam scores, rarity, and price allocation for multi-token transfers. The platform aims to save companies over $25k per month by aggregating, normalizing, and enhancing digital asset data from multiple blockchains and off-chain sources.

The BlockSpan NFT API platform offers a free-to-signup model, allowing software companies and builders flexibility throughout the development process. Brands can choose to upgrade or downgrade their plan depending on scale and API requests required monthly. By handling the underlying complexities of blockchain and rapidly evolving NFT data, BlockSpan allows companies to focus on creating and monetizing their apps.

Following the successful pre-seed round, BlockSpan plans to break down barriers in Web3 development by expanding its team of engineers, adding new features and analytics capabilities, and furthering customer acquisition efforts.