Sandclock, a subsidiary of Lindy Labs, has launched a new platform designed to enable users to save, give, invest, or spend yield generated on stablecoins. The platform combines a sleek interface with advanced yield generating strategies, providing users with maximum investing power and flexibility. It aims to simplify the complexity of blockchain technology, benefiting both mainstream users and crypto natives and ultimately driving the adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi).

“At Sandclock, we believe we can bridge the gap between blockchain as a technological innovation and blockchain as a tool for unique banking solutions,” said Alexander Hughes, the chief legal and compliance officer at Sandclock.

One of the unique offerings of Sandclock is the prepaid card model, allowing users to spend a portion of their yield while protecting their principal. Moreover, users can delegate profits to individuals in need or contribute to global charities. The platform also enables dollar-cost averaging into investable assets with yield and/or principal, providing a seamless philanthropic giving experience.

Sandclock initially started as a philanthropic project before evolving into a comprehensive wealth management solution. Co-founders Cristiano and Elizabeth drew inspiration from a personal experience and the desire to bridge crypto and charity in a unique way. Their platform empowers users to take control of their money, gaining access to high interest rates enabled by blockchain technology. Sandclock is designed for both the masses and power users, with its user-programmable yield optimizer and innovative governance and tokenomics models.

Sandclock uses its ecosystem governance token, $QUARTZ, to enable users to propose and vote on decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) proposals. Holders of $QUARTZ have the power to decide how certain protocol funds are allocated, suggest partnerships, and modify parameters for the protocol’s pools.

Cryptocurrency offers consumers greater autonomy and control over their money, with the added benefits of easier money transfers and enhanced privacy. Sandclock takes advantage of the composability between blockchain protocols, allowing developers to build and innovate on top of its open-sourced architecture while enabling users to create their own metavaults.

Interest in cryptocurrency is growing among investors, as it offers opportunities beyond traditional financial management. Moreover, cryptocurrency investors have demonstrated a higher interest in charitable giving compared to the general global investor population.

Sandclock, rooted in philanthropy, has raised close to $20 million exclusively from the community through a successful crowdfunding campaign. With a focus on generating yield and incentivizing giving, Sandclock aims to help individuals save for the future in ways traditional banks cannot ensure. The platform provides users the tools to grow their wealth responsibly and create their own metavaults or foundations.

Sandclock’s new platform represents the next generation of wealth creation, combining blockchain technology with a user-friendly experience and advanced yield strategies. By bridging the gap between blockchain innovation and unique banking solutions, the platform aims to drive the adoption of DeFi and empower users to take control of their financial future.