Augeo, a global leader in loyalty and engagement technologies, has announced the formation of Kigo, a digital asset company that combines Augeo’s crypto loyalty subsidiary Heaps and NFT engagement platform Thred. Kigo has raised $16 million in funding, including new commitments from Valor Siren Ventures and Augeo. With Kigo, major brands can shape new experiences and embrace digital assets through its Open Loyalty platform.

Kigo’s platform enables organizations to create, distribute, and manage blockchain-enabled customer, employee, and membership experiences. This includes dynamic digital badges, shareable rewards, personalized digital memberships, cross-brand collaborations, and access to a digital rewards marketplace. Kigo aims to make the benefits of blockchain seamless and rewarding for people and brands alike.

According to David Kristal, Founder and CEO of Augeo and Executive Chair of Kigo, the promise of digital assets unlocks new customer connections and community experiences. Kigo’s Open Loyalty platform delivers impactful and enduring moments for people to interact with the brands they love.

Partnering with Kigo, brands can leverage the power of digital assets and blockchain technology to unlock consumer loyalty and elevate engagement. Kigo’s innovative solutions position the company as a leader in digital asset loyalty.

Kigo was founded by Augeo and former Starbucks, Amazon, and Thred executive Ben Straley. For more information about Kigo, visit their website.