Blockchain Intelligence Group, owner of Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG), has announced the release of its Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator (CCI) training program, specifically focusing on Ethereum. The CCI ETH course aims to provide law enforcement and AML professionals with the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of Ethereum, which is widely recognized as the virtual computer of the world.

As the second-largest blockchain platform in the world, Ethereum has seen significant adoption and boasts a wide array of over 641,000+ Ethereum-based tokens. This rapid growth has presented new challenges for investigators, demanding a deep understanding of various blockchain ecosystems.

Recognizing the need to address this expanding landscape, Blockchain Intelligence Group has developed a comprehensive three-module certificate program that delves into the intricacies of Ethereum. The CCI ETH course covers topics such as the history of Ethereum, internal workings, transactional analysis, identification of illicit activities, and tracing transactions using the company’s blockchain analytics tool QLUE.

Lance Morginn, President at Blockchain Intelligence Group, emphasizes the importance of bridging the knowledge gap and empowering professionals to conduct thorough technical investigations in the ever-evolving digital assets landscape. The launch of CCI ETH signifies a crucial milestone in the company’s commitment to equipping investigators and AML professionals with the latest tools and knowledge necessary to combat financial crime.

Blockchain Intelligence Group has established itself as a key player in the cryptocurrency and digital asset analytics industry. The company’s dedication to providing top-notch training and analytics solutions has garnered recognition worldwide. In 2022, they hosted over 30 investigation training events and webinars, catering to numerous law enforcement agencies and professional associations globally.

The release of CCI ETH further empowers law enforcement agencies, investigators, and professionals in AML-related roles to combat financial crimes in the ever-evolving digital assets landscape. This new certificate course equips participants with in-depth knowledge of the Ethereum blockchain, allowing them to tackle complex cases involving Ethereum-based tokens and navigate the intricacies of decentralized applications.