Hong Kong, known as a major financial center in Asia and a hotbed for technological innovation, has become a magnet for entrepreneurs and innovators looking to explore new business models and technological applications. One of the latest developments in this space is the rise of Web3, which presents both opportunities and challenges for these forward-thinking individuals.

BitValue Capital, a prominent investment firm, recently organized the “2023 Hong Kong Web3.0 Summit” with the theme “Web2.0 to Web3.0, World to Hong Kong.” The event aimed to promote international collaboration and communication in blockchain technology, as well as increase understanding and awareness of this transformative technology. Notable attendees included Alibaba Cloud, Animoca Venture, Cyberport, and OSL, among others.

While the conference was not open to the general public offline, it was broadcasted in real-time on the Secondlive metaverse platform, attracting over 100,000 online applicants and 5,000 attendees. In line with its commitment to the healthy and sustainable growth of Web3.0 globally, BitValue Capital announced its $100 million Web3.0 venture capital fund last year, focusing on various fields such as game studios, Metaverse, GameFi, NFT, SocialFi, DAO, and DeFi.

To further support its partners’ international ecosystem development, Cyberport in Hong Kong will provide essential support for registered startups, such as applying for funding programs and participating in community activities.

In an effort to promote the development of Web3-related technologies in Hong Kong and globally, BitValue Capital is launching the Web3 HK Startup Accelerator called 223 Booster. This accelerator will offer a one-stop service for global entrepreneurs, providing them with comprehensive support, including technical support, marketing, legal consulting, financing advisory, and exchange listing advisory. By assembling internationally recognized venture capitalists, technical experts, and the Web3 user community, 223 Booster aims to become a top-tier Web3 startup accelerator with global influence and reputation.

The inaugural batch of the 223 Booster Executive Committee includes esteemed institutions such as BitValue, IOST, Spark Digital Capital, BSCS, and 852Web3. Each member will contribute their expertise and resources to expedite the development and implementation of various Web3 technological applications.

IOST, a Singapore-based enterprise solution based blockchain application platform, has made significant strides in the Web3.0 space. Its IOST 2.0 upgrade features higher throughput and availability, positioning it as a real Web3.0 blockchain operating system. The upcoming release of IOST 2.0—The Merge will introduce a Beacon Chain + Smart Chain architecture compatible with EVM, facilitating communication between the two chains.

Spark Digital Capital, one of The Block’s top 10 most active crypto investors in 2021, will bring its industry expertise and add significant value to the incubation process. BSCS, on the other hand, offers comprehensive resources and services to help blockchain startups succeed by providing fundraising, IDO, token listing support, and expert consulting services.

Lastly, 852Web3, one of Hong Kong’s largest Web3 communities, will play a vital role in supporting incubates in non-financial aspects. Their services include event planning, social media campaign management, focus groups, go-to-market strategies, local company registration, and regulatory compliance.