BitMart, a leading global digital asset trading platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Hong Kong Virtual Assets Consortium (HKVAC). This collaboration aims to foster a more secure, trustworthy, stable, and sustainable environment for the development and innovation of virtual assets in Asia and worldwide.

HKVAC, founded by professional rating organizations and stakeholders in the virtual asset industry, including data companies, exchanges, and institutional investors, aims to promote industry-led security risk management. They provide impartial and objective credit ratings that reflect the reputation of trading platforms. HKVAC plans to introduce the “Virtual Asset Index” and “Virtual Asset Exchange Rating” as objective third-party reference data for professional investors and the public.

One notable feature is the “Major Cryptocurrency Index” provided by HKVAC. It represents the overall performance of the top-valued cryptocurrencies in the global market and consists of the 30 cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization that meet specific qualifying criteria.

The partnership between HKVAC and BitMart is significant for both companies. Albert Lo, the spokesperson for HKVAC, expressed their satisfaction with the collaboration, noting that it will strengthen Hong Kong’s competitive position in the global virtual asset market. Sheldon Xia, Founder and CEO of BitMart, emphasized the importance of the partnership, stating that it marks a significant milestone for BitMart and aims to drive the adoption of innovative projects and foster collaboration.

By signing this strategic cooperation memorandum, HKVAC and BitMart are committed to building a more transparent, secure, and innovative virtual currency ecosystem, contributing to the overall advancement of the virtual asset industry.

HKVAC is the first comprehensive organization in Hong Kong dedicated to serving the virtual asset industry. They offer a range of professional services and resources to support the development and promotion of innovative projects. The goal of HKVAC is to make Hong Kong a leading global hub for virtual assets, promoting technological innovation, advancing compliance standards, and nurturing talent.

BitMart, on the other hand, is a premier global digital asset trading platform with millions of users worldwide. It offers a wide range of trading pairs with competitive trading fees, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other leading cryptocurrencies. BitMart is constantly evolving and growing, with a focus on driving innovation and promoting financial inclusion.

Overall, this partnership between BitMart and HKVAC brings together valuable industry resources and data, paving the way for the development and advancement of the virtual asset industry in Asia and beyond.