BitMart, the leading global digital asset trading platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Chamcha Ordinals, an infrastructure and liquidity provider for the Ordinals ecosystem. The collaboration between the two companies aims to fully support the development of the Ordinals ecosystem and promote its prosperity.

As part of this partnership, BitMart will work with Chamcha Ordinals to build a decentralized indexing infrastructure. By leveraging BitMart’s expertise and platform, they will incubate more projects to effectively promote and raise awareness around Ordinals projects. The goal is to expand the exposure of these projects and attract a larger audience to participate and support the Ordinals ecosystem.

Tiffany Ni, VP of Operations at BitMart, recognizes the potential of the Ordinals ecosystem, saying that this partnership will provide more trading opportunities for BitMart users while improving liquidity into the Ordinals ecosystem. Kelvin, the CEO of Chamcha, is also enthusiastic about this partnership and believes that by providing full support and assistance to Chamcha’s work, they can jointly promote the prosperity and development of the Ordinals ecosystem.

The strategic alliance between BitMart and Chamcha is expected to significantly enrich the Ordinals ecosystem and provide users with enhanced trading opportunities.

Chamcha is a company specializing in the development of Ordinals ecosystem infrastructure. They aim to promote the liquidity and sustainable development of the Ordinals ecosystem by offering innovative infrastructure products.

BitMart, on the other hand, is a premier global digital asset trading platform with millions of users worldwide. It is constantly evolving and growing, with a focus on driving innovation and promoting financial inclusion in the crypto space.