A recent survey conducted by Binance Research and Binance VIP & Institutional reveals that institutional crypto investors have a positive long-term outlook for crypto assets. The survey found that 63.5% of the institutional users surveyed had a positive outlook for crypto assets over the next 12 months, while an overwhelming majority of 88% expressed a positive sentiment for the next decade.

One interesting finding is that institutional investors believe that real-world use cases (26.9%) and improvements in regulatory clarity (25.3%) will be key drivers for adoption, rather than just higher prices (3.4%). This suggests that institutional investors are taking a longer-term perspective and are less reactive to short-term market cycles.

The survey, which ran from March 31st to May 15th, 2023, included 208 Binance VIP and Institutional users. It explored various aspects of their attitudes, preferences, adoption, and motivations towards cryptocurrency investments.

Other key findings include:

– Despite market events, the majority of investors (47.1%) maintained their crypto allocation, while 35.6% increased their allocation during the same period.

– A majority of respondents (50.0%) expect to either increase or maintain their allocation over the next 12 months, with only 4.3% planning to reduce their exposure to crypto.

– More investors have turned positive on Bitcoin (47.3%) compared to the broader crypto sector (33.2%), while a minority (4.8%) held negative sentiments towards Bitcoin specifically.

– Infrastructure (53.9%), Layer 1 and Layer 2 technologies (48.1% and 43.8% respectively), and wallet innovation (51.0%) were identified as important areas for investors.

– The potential for large investment returns (42.8%) and long-term exposure to emerging technology (37.5%) were identified as the primary motivations for investing in cryptocurrencies.

– Centralized exchanges remain the most popular platforms for institutional trading (90.5%) and custody activities (58.2%).

The head of Binance VIP and Institutional, Catherine Chen, commented on the survey’s results, highlighting how institutionals typically have a long-term horizon when entering a new market. She also mentioned that the findings align with the healthy growth of institutional accounts on Binance, which has increased by 89% since the height of the bull market in Q4 2021.

The full survey report can be accessed on the Binance Research website.

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