BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (“BIGG” or the “Company”) is pleased to share a letter to shareholders, highlighting the progress and achievements made by the company. Despite the current challenges facing the digital asset industry, BIGG has remained committed to its vision of a safe and regulated environment for crypto.

Under the tagline “Compliance First Crypto,” BIGG has been a leader in helping to build and adopt regulations within the digital asset industry. Its subsidiary, Netcoins, was the first publicly owned company in Canada to operate under the Canadian restricted dealer framework. This commitment to regulation has set Netcoins apart from its non-regulated competitors, positioning it as a safe and trusted platform for buying, selling, and staking digital assets.

Another subsidiary of BIGG, Blockchain Intelligence Group, provides essential tools and technology for platforms, exchanges, and companies to operate safely and efficiently within a regulated market. It also supports law enforcement agencies in investigating illicit activities in the crypto space, ensuring the rule of law.

Despite the currently challenging market conditions, BIGG continues to evolve and advance both its subsidiaries. Netcoins has received regulatory approval and launched staking in Canada, becoming one of only three providers in the country. Meanwhile, Blockchain Intelligence Group has recently launched an NFT explorer to address the growing need for ERC-721 investigations and graphing tokens on one platform.

BIGG has also made diversified investments in digital asset companies, including TerraZero, which focuses on the Web3/Metaverse space. With the projected growth of the Web 3/Metaverse market to reach $1.1 trillion by 2029, BIGG believes in the upside potential of TerraZero and its innovative approach.

The strategy for BIGG in the current market is to prioritize customer satisfaction, expand product offerings, grow revenue streams, manage costs, and seek opportunities for partnerships or acquisitions. By operating with these principles, BIGG aims to position itself for success in a thriving digital asset market.

In conclusion, BIGG Digital Assets expresses gratitude for the continued support, investment, and trust of its shareholders. While the current market may present challenges, BIGG remains focused on building a stronger foundation to propel the company forward. With its commitment to compliance and regulation, BIGG is poised to thrive as the digital asset industry continues to evolve.