Amazon Web Services has announced AWS IQ, a new service that helps customers quickly find, engage, and do business with AWS-Certified third party experts for on-demand project work.

AWS IQ offers the tools and workspace for more secure collaboration, streamlined project tracking, and integrated billing. To get started, customers simply log into AWS IQ and describe their project needs in a few sentences. They can then chat with experts to clarify details of the project, compare proposals, review expert profiles, and select the expert that best fits their needs.

Many small and mid-sized businesses have embraced AWS for its secure, flexible, cost-effective, and scalable infrastructure and services. As these customers begin or expand their use of AWS, they sometimes need help executing or thinking through a project, and could benefit from specialized knowledge and experience.

Customers can engage third-party experts to help them achieve their goals, but finding the right expertise, cost-equation, and fit can be time-consuming. Getting an expert set up with secure access to the customer’s AWS environment can be complex; and even if a customer finds a highly qualified expert that they trust, they still need to deal with administrative chores like project tracking and payment processing.

AWS IQ simplifies the process of finding and connecting with AWS-Certified experts for consultation or project-based work. Customers only need to describe their needs in a few sentences to receive tailored responses directly from experts who can help. They can then evaluate expert profiles, view expert ratings, compare details like rates and relevant AWS Certifications, and make an informed decision without spending time browsing forums or hunting down information across websites.

AWS-Certified experts can help get projects started and completed faster with quick consultations or hands-on implementation. Customers can use AWS IQ to find help with a range of topics, like choosing the best architecture for a given workload, diving deep into the capabilities of AWS services, automating the deployment of infrastructure, migrating to AWS, and optimizing their AWS spend.

AWS IQ also simplifies the traditionally complex business and technical aspects of working with an external expert. Customers and experts agree to a defined scope of work and budget, and manage the entire process using AWS IQ’s integrated tools for encrypted chat, video conferencing, billing, and more.

Once the project is underway, customers can temporarily grant experts project-appropriate access to their AWS environment, monitor activity through AWS CloudTrail logs, and revoke access at any time. Customers approve payment requests as work is completed and are billed directly to their AWS account.

With AWS IQ, customers can reduce the legwork and uncertainty involved in finding an AWS-Certified expert, cut down on the administrative overhead required to manage the engagement, and build projects faster.

For independent experts and Amazon Partner Network (APN) consulting partners, AWS IQ provides a new opportunity to connect directly with the right customers to grow their business. To join AWS IQ, experts must hold an Associate, Professional, or Specialty AWS-Certification and complete an identity check.

AWS IQ helps experts find relevant opportunities, communicate with clients, track their projects, and get paid for work completed – all in one place. This means less time hunting for leads or managing invoices, and more time working with customers.

There are no upfront commitments required to use AWS IQ, and customers pay for completed project milestones through their existing AWS account. To get started with AWS IQ, visit