Artists Adrian Rasmussen and Ryan Uzilevsky were looking for a way to create an intimate art experience through 3D projection mapping to immerse individuals into a sense of amazement, wonder and peace. The artists used Epson laser projectors to combine projection mapping with intricate wooden sculptures to illuminate fine art pieces. Rasmussen and Uzilevsky debuted their work at the 2019 Lightning in a Bottle Festival, with future plans for showings at various art galleries in New York, California, and Bali.

Inspired to create experiences that touch on complex themes, such as mind-body dualism, lucid dreaming, spirituality, and romance, the subject of the artist’s work at Lightning in a Bottle was personal transformation and reverence for the divine feminine. The artwork was set up in an altar-like room – people could walk up or kneel right in front of the art for an immersive one-on-one interaction.

Using two Epson PowerLite L615U laser projectors Rasmussen and Uzilevsky enhanced the art with brilliant color and detail through small-scale projection mapping. While providing a very close-up perspective of the artwork, the artists were focused on fostering the art and maintaining the quality of the visual, and they needed projection technology that could maintain impactful imagery, while not intruding on the art itself.   

With a goal to deliver an immersive 3D experience, while differentiating their work from VR and AR technology, the final project from Rasmussen and Uzilevsky provided an unfiltered and organic experience between the eyes, the body, the art, and the environment the art was presented in.

With an overwhelmingly positive response at Lightning in a Bottle, Rasmussen and Uzilevsky are looking ahead at new ways of taking these intimate projection mapping art pieces outside the galleries. The artists intend to utilize Epson’s LightScene accent lighting laser projectors to offer individual, all-in-one illuminated pieces that can be moved from galleries into homes, offices or other small venues. The Epson LightScene blends into virtually any home or office décor, providing an ideal solution to ignite the work of art, without interfering with the visual aspects.