ethos, a leading white label NFT platform for brands, has announced the launch of huddl3, the first web3 community for brands. huddl3 aims to support brands that are interested in understanding web3 and help them shape the next era of commerce.

Joining huddl3 involves receiving a weekly newsletter and participating in a Slack group where brands can ask questions, collaborate, and explore how they can benefit from web3. The community is designed to cater to all knowledge levels and provide content specific to organizations rather than individuals.

“Our goal with huddl3 is to make learning about web3 as easy as possible for brands,” said Matias Marquez, CEO of ethos. “We want to create the foundations of a community that we believe is missing, and once big enough, drive huddl3 to become independent of ethos.”

The value in huddl3 lies in creating a space for brands to interact, learn, and get tailored support throughout their web3 journey. It offers a platform for brands to ask questions, participate in events, and receive content that is relevant to their organizations.

About ethos: ethos is on a mission to accelerate the mass adoption of NFTs by providing white label NFT platforms for brands. Their platform enables brands to offer NFTs with real-world utility, such as discounts, air drops, and early access. The aim is to create a barrier-free transaction experience for all customers, whether they prefer using crypto or traditional payment methods.

About huddl3: huddl3 is the first web3 community for brands, offering a space for brands to learn, share, collaborate, and exchange ideas about web3. The community is dedicated to providing authentic web3 education through various resources, with no financial or time commitments.