Animaker has launched Animaker 2.0, which aims to be a ‘swiss army knife of creativity’ for all video creators around the world.

The new product provides cutting-edge features to help designers easily create engaging video content in the form of live videos, full-length movies, explainer videos, 4K YouTube intros, and social media GIFs.

In addition to its animated videos, Animaker 2.0 gives users the capability to concurrently edit animations and effects on one screen and text graphics on another, and edit and upload live videos directly onto their social media platforms.

Animaker 2.0 is packed with three exciting smart products, Video Editor, Animation Maker, and Animaker Lite.

Video Editor accommodates 20 GBs of 4K files and provides users with two timeline options, including the overlay of text and objects to live videos and real-time collaboration that enables a team to work on the same video concurrently. With Video Editor, users can also change the shape or size of animations for any platform with access to more than 100 million stock images and videos.

  • 4K Videos: With its Live video editor, Animaker 2.0 now helps creators edit their videos at their highest quality, add effects and then export them at 4K quality. This is a first for any DIY video making tool.
  • Comprehensive Stock Assets: Animaker 2.0 features more than 100 million stock images and videos. The stock library is so big that it allows any person to create videos on any subject instantly.

Animation Maker features several advanced animation technologies, including “Character Builder,” “Animaker Voice,” and “Auto Lip-Sync.”

  • Character builder: Now, Animaker users can build their Animated character from scratch and use it in their videos. By playing around with attributes such as face shape, hairstyle, skin tone, eye type, costume, and accessories, users can make characters look like anyone in the world.
  • Animaker Voice TTS: Animaker Voice is a sophisticated application that allows people to transform their text to brilliant Human-like Voice Overs.
  • Auto Lip-Sync: Animaker enables users to make their animated characters talk like a normal person by simply uploading their voice file (or) creating a new one Animaker Voice (TTS) that automatically syncs lip movement and voice.

Animaker Lite features the world’s most straightforward GIF-making app which allows users to pick from hundreds of animations, add text, swap graphics, change colors, and hit play. This features a sleek and light video creation product called Animaker Lite. It is designed to be the world’s most accessible video and GIF-making app. Users choose a template, edit text, swap characters, change the music, and hit export.

The company offers the lowest cost premium subscription plan offered by a DIY tool for $1 per month, which gives users access to a range of exciting features to create premium animated and live videos.