Alpha Innovations and Apex Group have joined forces to support the launch of a tokenized fine art fund called Strada Digital Masterpieces. The fund will provide investors with exposure to a carefully curated portfolio of physical artworks, offering both stability of investment and potential upside in the fine art market.

Artory/Winston, a joint venture between Winston Art Group and Artory, will advise the fund, with Winston Art Group leading the sourcing and diligence of the artworks. Artory’s technology will capture the artworks’ due diligence data on the blockchain, providing investors with verified provenance and digital certification. The fund will be available for investment through either traditional shares or tokens representing ownership interests.

Lawrence Newhook, President and CEO of Alpha Innovations, highlighted the potential for secondary market liquidity in an historically illiquid asset as a game-changer for investors. Apex Group, a global financial services provider, will provide fund administration services for the fund.

The launch of the Strada Digital Masterpieces fund adds to the small number of quality investment products available in tokenized form, a field where Apex Group aims to support managers pioneering new structures. With their collaboration, Artory/Winston, Alpha Innovations, and Apex Group aim to make the art market more accessible and offer a smarter diversification strategy for investors.